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Rhino Shield is the state-of-the-art exterior paint replacement.  It’s an exterior wall coating designed to protect and preserve your largest investment: your home.  It withstands the harshest weather conditions, resists mildew and corrosion, and has a 25-year transferable warranty.

Conventional Exterior Paint Breaks Down Readily

Humidity fluctuations and natural heat cycles are the primary culprits leading to the decay of conventional paint.  As weather oscillates from cold to warm to cold, water vapor slightly expands and contracts a home’s exterior façade.   This normal expansion and contraction creates micro-cracking in paint, leading to larger chips and peels.


The Next Evolutionary Step in Exterior Paint is Here!

Rhino Shield is different from conventional paint.  It’s designed to naturally flex.  Once applied, it provides a “breathable” barrier that appropriately expands and contracts throughout daily and seasonal heat oscillations.  The result is a long-term maintenance-free exterior protectant for homes of all types.



Compare and Contrast Rhino Shield


Custom Colors

BRAND NAME PAINTS:  Although Americans value choice, many homeowners end up coordinating multiple paint brands and stores to achieve the color scheme they desire.
RHINO SHIELD:  Rhino Shield accommodates ‘Choice’ by providing any color a homeowner wants, without the hassle of juggling multiple stores or brands.  Ask if colors can be customized and the answer will be… Yes, you can!



BRAND NAME PAINTS:  To coax homeowners into repurchasing their products, brand-name paint manufacturers formulate their paints to have a limited useful life.  Most paint starts to chemically deteriorate as soon as they’re applied.
RHINO SHIELD:  Our exterior paint is engineered to last; and we guarantee it with a 25-year transferable warranty.



BRAND NAME PAINTS:  All brand-name exterior paints form micro-cracks shortly after drying.  This is from the manufacturer’s over-reliance on water within their paint formula.  Micro-cracking enables moisture to seep in under the paint layer.  Once moisture becomes trapped, the need for touch-ups and repainting accelerates.
RHINO SHIELD:  Because of our proprietary adhesive-like primer, use of ceramic microspheres and low water-density within the formula, there’s no opportunity for moisture to wedge between a home’s exterior and the paint coating.  The benefit achieved is a ‘Maintenance Free’ exterior.


Sun Resistance

BRAND NAME PAINTS:  A once-vibrant home paint job can look like a bleached 70’s photo after five years.  The luster of many paints show signs of deterioration just after 12 months.
RHINO SHIELD:  The constant bombardment of Ultra Violet (UV) rays from the Sun and pollutants in the air are the principal agents that make paint deteriorate.  Ceramics inherent in the Rhino Shield formula act as a barrier from the effects of UV rays and pollution.



BRAND NAME PAINTS:  Many paints are non-breathable and regularly trap unwanted moisture.  Trapped moisture is one of the leading causes of cracking, bubbling and peeling.
RHINO SHIELD:  Acting as a semi-permeable barrier, Rhino Shield allows moisture to escape while shielding the home’s surface from rain and humidity.



Fire Resistant

BRAND NAME PAINTS:  No major brand exterior paint carries a Class A smoke and fire resistance rating.
RHINO SHIELD:  Many California homes in wildfire-prone areas have wood-based siding.  Rhino Shield has a Class A fire and smoke resistance rating.  Be sure to check with your insurer.  Buildings with a Class A fire rating on paint many times qualify for a discount on homeowner’s insurance.


Stay Cool during the Summer

BRAND NAME PAINTS:  Because of the ingredients used in well-known brand paints, no insulating benefits may be gained through their use.
RHINO SHIELD:  Our Super Shield formula qualifies as “Low-e”.  Inside the center cavity of every Rhino Shield ceramic microsphere is an airless void.  After application, the Rhino Shield exterior is protected by millions of microspheres.   All of the painted surfaces are insulated by a high-tech coating having 10x the density of conventional paint.  Based on the amount of Sun exposure a home has, significant energy savings can be achieved during the summer months.


Rhino Shield is a new exciting technology in the exterior paint industry.  It looks freshly painted year after year and is proven to outlast traditional exterior paint.  It can be applied on wood, stucco, concrete blocks, brick and more.  If you’re interested in a Rhino Shield quote for your home, please fill out the form in the right-hand column, or call us using our toll-free number below.