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How Much Does it Cost to Paint a House?

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a House?

Every 5 to 8 years homeowners, like yourself, face the task of repairing, stripping and repainting their home exterior.  This is typically a big project, sometimes an enormous project.   If given a choice, wouldn’t you rather be spending your time doing something else?  What if I told you there’s a product that allows you to do the chore just once and then eliminate all future painting and related maintenance…?  Would such a product pique your interest?


 Mother Nature is not-so-kind!

Although we all can appreciate beautiful summer evenings and wonderful winter mornings, Mother Nature is slowly stripping apart the exterior of our homes… every day, every night, across every season.  There’s no dispute that moisture always pools in the smallest of s dimples across a home’s exterior.  What’s often overlooked is that these moisture droplets regularly oscillate between ice and liquid as they freeze and melt between nighttime and daylight hours.


Weathering is Slow and Methodical Destruction

When water transforms to and from liquid and solid states, it expands and contracts by 11%.  This seems insignificant; however, after a night of freezing rain, a tiny unnoticed paint crack can grow to separate up to 3 inches of paint from a home’s exterior.  Once siding shows signs of stripped paint, the weathering process will continue to corrode the wood under the paint.   After the paint is stripped, the siding will start to splinter, fungus will form and the wood will become dry rot.

Once siding is dry rotted, the wood will have lost its strength and become attractive to termites and carpenter ants.  Don’t let your house reach this point!

Many homeowners apply conventional paint and sealers to protect their home’s exterior.   What contractors won’t tell you is that these common methods provide a minimal safeguard, at best.

Weather in California can change drastically within the same day.  High wind forces, torrential rain with hail and temperatures dipping by as much as 35 degrees are recorded during the worst winter conditions.  Even during the most temperate days, temperatures can change 15 or 20 degrees within a 24 hour period.  Commonly used exterior paint will quickly breakdown under these conditions.


Rhino Shield Stops Seasonal Deterioration of Home Exteriors

Rhino Shield is a ceramic-based paint coating that’s sprayed directly onto a building’s exterior.  Its key component, ceramic microspheres, makes this enhanced paint product extremely durable.  It’s warranteed to last 25 years after application without the need for ongoing upkeep.


Axe your Maintenance Budget!

Rhino Shield is applied to just about any surface type, including siding, wood clapboards, cement and stucco.  More importantly, it’s half the cost of installing new vinyl siding or replacing clapboard siding.  And in most instances, it’ll last 3x longer with zero maintenance.

If you’re a homeowner trying to minimize your home’s long-term expense, Rhino Shield’s maintenance-free feature provides for a lower total cost of ownership.  Over the first few years, a homeowner can expect thousands of dollars in savings and many hours of freed-up time!

Even better, Rhino Shield comes with a transferable 25-year warranty.

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