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Avoid House Painting for 25 years!

A home’s exterior should last longer than a mere few years!  Rhino Shield is formulated to provide protection above and beyond ordinary exterior house paint.

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Rhino Shield Product

Make it the last time for painting your home’s exterior!

American-made and available in unlimited colors, Rhino Shield forms a protective shield on your home that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

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Roof Protection

Super Shield

While your roof protects your home, Super Shield protects your roof.


Rhino Shield Installation

Our 12-step installation procedure ensures great results with every application.

3M and BASF Results

Lab Results

What does 3M and BASF have to say about Rhino Shield?

Rhino Shield of Northern California

A Rhino Shield Customer Testimonial

Ultimately, there’s no better testament to the quality of our service and the Rhino Shield product than what our customers say.  Watch the comments from one of our customers in the video below.

Rhino Shield…

  • Is an exterior house paint with a 25-year warranty.
  • Exceeds BASF Lab’s key tests for durability and performance.
  • Is applied by our contractors using a proven 12-step installation process.

Rhino Shield Benefits…

  • It comes standard with a 25-year transferable warranty.
  • It acts as an insulator to help reduce Summer energy bills.
  • It breaks the maintenance cycle and frees up your time.

How Does Rhino Shield Exterior Paint Work?





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Rhino Shield is a revolutionary ceramic coating for your home’s exterior.

Rhino Shield Case Study

Rhino Shield’s ceramic-based exterior home coating system continues to prove its durability, remaining in outstanding condition after 6-years in service on a California oceanfront house. Our Customer and his Challenge Homeowners along the Northern California coast...